IMG69171Hello there.

Welcome to the virtual Mike Larsen Studio. Located in Oklahoma, the studio is home to Mike's paintings, sculptures and library.

A student of history, Mike immerses himself in the past events of the subjects he paints and sculpts. He knew early what he wanted to do with his life and even the teacher that told him to find another line of work because he had no talent couldn’t douse his drive. He has achieved that goal by being a professional fine artist for over 40 years. Known for his very large paintings, he is also famous for one very tiny one - the U.S. postage stamp commemorating the Oklahoma Centennial in 2007.

Come on in, noodle around our web page and meet Mike. Most new works are on the Gallery Page, though you'll see "fresh from the easel" lower on this page. Highlights from Mike's career as well as his CV are on the About page.

We're glad you're here.

Social Media: Instagram - @mikelarsenart

Image - Mike with the monumental bronze "Victorious" located at the Chickasaw Conference Center south of Sulfur, Oklahoma.

Fresh from the Easel

Distant Thunder 40x30 $10,500.00